Lazarus Mouthpieces


Lazarus Mouthpieces


The “Lazarus” signature line of GR mouthpieces were designed for Charles Lazarus on his Yamaha trumpets, but work well on any horn. The most noticeable quality of how they work is the extremely fast response, clear slotting, and the even timbre throughout different registers. 

Four different mouthpieces are available:

  • Lazarus 67 (closest to a deep 1.5C)
  • Lazarus 66 (closest to a 3C)
  • Lazarus 65 (closest to a 5C)
  • Lazarus Lead 64 (7 diameter with a medium shallow cup)
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Backstory on mouthpieces from Charles Lazarus:
I've been working with Gary Radke for over a decade and anyone in the industry will agree that GR's manufacturing quality and consistency are indisputable. He is a master at finding the perfect match between player and equipment because he is completely scientific and methodical in his process for designing exactly what you need so you get the musical results you want.

I have many different musical demands as a soloist, band leader, and in my regular job as a member of the Minnesota Orchestra. Because of this, I wanted to find an even more efficient setup that I could use for the majority of this work so I wasn't changing mouthpieces all the time. Through a series of playing tests that showed without a doubt how my chops were working on a fundamental level, he was able to make exactly what I wanted.

The result is a mouthpiece line that allows me to more easily produce a big and vibrant sound with lots of core. From behind the horn the slots feel very big and stable, but close enough together that more technically demanding interval skips are quite easy. I'd say it plays with the ease of what we would expect from a much smaller mouthpiece, but with a more vibrant and bigger sound than I've ever been able to get on much larger equipment. I feel comfortable playing this new mpc in any style of music and don't feel the need to switch between classical and jazz. The immediate response means better dynamic control, consistency, range, endurance, accuracy, and more freedom to play expressively with control of the sound. 

Orders can take up to 8 weeks but can be faster if the item you order is in stock.
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